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Transcript: Let’s Listen In

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Leva Lee: Welcome to BCcampus Mixtape.

This podcast is a remix of previous live recordings from BCcampus offerings such as the Lunchable Learning Radio show, opening Knowledge Spectrums, and more.

Isabeau Iqbal: I find it so interesting because we live with ourselves. And yet it’s so hard to name our strengths.

Dianne Biin: And we stayed away from the non-derivative because our goal for these guides was to make sure that they are foundational, so that anybody who wanted to come in and use these guides and make them relevant to their place to their situations could.

Kim Baird: It provides a lot of hope for me in the way forward in Canada. Lots of work to do though, like the the amount of work is daunting, but the workers would be not doing it right, so. Here we are. Here we go.

Helena Prins: If you love to learn, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s listen in.

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