Episode 008

Leveraging Creative Commons Licenses

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In this episode, Dr. Amy Nusbaum talks with Josie Gray about projects she led to leverage the permissions of open licenses and adapt an introduction to psychology open textbook to make it more inclusive. In one project, psychology students provided suggestions on how the textbook could better fit their local context. In the other, Amy leveraged open tools to crowd-source the evaluation of the textbook through the lens of diversity, representation, and inclusion.

We talk about open pedagogy, the importance of support, collaboration, and funding, and the real impact that small changes can have.


Amy Nusbaum smilingAmy is an assistant professor of Psychology at Heritage University, in central Washington state. She loves teaching and routinely teach courses like Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, and her department’s Capstone course. Amy has a passion for Open Educational Resources and is committed to teaching only no-cost classes. She also has a passion for improving conditions for marginalized groups in higher education, particularly within STEM fields.

Show Notes

This podcast episode goes live during Open Access week (October 24-30)! The theme of this year’s International Open Access week is “Open for Climate Justice”.  #OAWeek #OpenForClimateJustice

For more information, you can go to openaccessweek.org.