Over the past 19-ish years, we’ve amassed an immense library of high-value discussions from local leaders in teaching and learning; educational technology; equity, diversity, and inclusion; Indigenization; and other related topics. Instead of letting the ones and zeroes stagnate in our digital archives, our brilliant team has cultivated a selection of best-ofs from previous webinars, videos, podcasts, the Lunchable Learning Radio ShowOpen Knowledge Spectrums podcast, and more. Now we’ve cobbled it all together into related and relevant segments, we’re proud to share this with B.C.’s post-secondary system for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy BCcampus Mixtape.

Learning about learning and teaching is a common theme in the post-secondary sector, and over the years we’ve had the privilege — and pleasure — of working with some of the most amazing people in the province. These collaborations often led to mesmerizing conversations, inspirational discussions, and memorable debates, and fortunately, we have many of these sessions on tape. We’ve gone through and selected a smattering of discussions, then packaged them up so you can listen to them on your way to work, while you’re doing dishes or walking the dog, or whenever you need a few minutes with your peers to explore and enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. 

Curated Content

Each mixtape is rich with relevant conversations from a range of BCcampus sources, such as:


We are so excited to share the phenomenal guests we’ve had the privilege of chatting with over the years, discussing their lived experiences and education around the following topics:

  • Indigenous teachings
  • Decolonizing spaces
  • Open educational resource authorship
  • Wellness and self-care
  • Personal and career planning
  • Anti-racism and intersectionality
  • Inequity in post-secondary institutions
  • Micro-credentials
  • Learning design
  • Disability-informed open pedagogy

And so much more.

Join us for laughter and learning, with relevant discussions that explore the conversations taking place — or that need to take place — within the post-secondary sector of B.C.

A new episode drops every Wednesday at 7 am PDT. If you love to learn about learning, BCcampus Mixtape has what you’re craving.

Let’s Listen In